July 2012

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Peña de Bernal from the Rear – San Sebastián Bernal (and the magic) is on the Other Side A forty minute drive from my home in Querétaro on some pretty modern highways gets one to San Sebastián Bernal, the gateway to the third largest monolith in the world: Peña de Bernal. Now it was the […]


Home Alone II

by carbonboy on July 21, 2012

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Last night in the pool – a pool is quintessential Californian – anywhere else it is just a pool! I moved out of my house in El Dorado Hills today – with much regret and hopes to return to California when my work is finished in Querétaro, México. My buddy Raul helped me move the remainder […]


Stormy Weather

by carbonboy on July 19, 2012

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View from Milenio III as the Daily Thunderstorm Rolls In While the U.S. is experiencing the drought of the century, here in Querétaro, México it has been raining everyday for the last three weeks. I am mean rain – washing out roads, killing power and flooding fields. The storm clouds roll in late in the […]


Leaving El Dorado Hills :-(

by carbonboy on July 2, 2012

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My favorite house so far – fond memories forever and the pool was so warm! I learned a trick when leaving Querétaro on Friday. The aircraft is too heavy with a full load of passengers and enough fuel to make it to Houston. First they offered a $500 flight voucher and no one budged. Five […]