July 2013

Hello Hero!

by carbonboy on July 28, 2013

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The go everywhere camera that shoots hi-def everything in so many formats that I am confused! So, long story short – some hippy surfer dude sells beaded belts to finance his dream of an on-camera surfboard experience and venture capitalist come and build this in China by the millions. It seems cheaply made but shoots […]


Withering Heights

by carbonboy on July 22, 2013

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I missed this opportunity as billions of summer wild flowers were in bloom this last week – and then the heat came! I was in Piney Point this weekend after I shut off the air conditioning for a week and man was it hot inside – 95 degrees F to be precise. That damn air […]


Different Worlds

by carbonboy on July 18, 2013

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Indian Creek Bridge I moved into my modern apartment here in Blacksburg over the weekend, but support a client over in West Virginia, and I must say there is a world of difference, but a few miles apart. Get up in the hills and the norm for the guys is beards, baseball caps and a worn […]


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The Blue Ridge Mountains – looking more green than blue! So me, the quintessential non-golfer, ends up in a place hosting the Greenbrier Classic with rain and thunderstorms almost delaying the departure of thousands of people. So I read: “The Tour narrowly avoided going past a Sunday finish for the fourth time this year.” Thank […]


Too much Tragedy

by carbonboy on July 6, 2013

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I flew this 777 while qualifying the 787 Recently things have not been so good for the world, with tragedies in Arizona, Canada, Nigeria and of course the Asiana 777 crash in San Francisco.  I flew that 777 route from Seoul to San Francisco a few times and considered Asiana vastly superior to any US […]


A Capital 4th

by carbonboy on July 4, 2013

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I am sitting in a rotating sky lounge in Arlington, and the massive size of the Pentagon, as it slowly comes into view, dwarfs the Washington Monument, which is still sheathed in a condom like wrapping for earthquake repair. My friends have just left, via taxi. Everything is too big – I guess because this […]


Carbonboy’s Diet & Exercise Plan

by carbonboy on July 1, 2013

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Notes:  1. with Chia seeds and Goji berries, 2. with flaxseed and non-fat milk, 3. add seafood on Sunday, 4. with Feta cheese, sunflower seeds and Kalamata olives, 5. with leeks and kale. I went in for a physical today, as I hadn’t had a real one for about three years. All the blood work […]