September 2013

Dysfunction and Design

by carbonboy on September 29, 2013

Cool but functionally useless Carbon Fiber Furniture I spent much of the day in front of my rarely used spanking new workstation and did what I really love to do most: design. I can’t paint, I can’t draw, I can’t sing or dance and I gave up trying to master a musical instrument when I […]


The Autumnal Equinox

by carbonboy on September 22, 2013

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 A Surprisingly Good Jazz Trio I’m home again for the weekend, and the suppressive heat and humidity are finally gone. If only it could stay just like this for a few more months. It won’t. I packed up two warm coats to take back to Blacksburg in expectation of fall weather. It will be fine. […]


Natural Bridge, Virginia

by carbonboy on September 15, 2013

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Natural Bridge, Virginia – a 150 year old tourist trap! Given this creative slump that I am in, I thought it best to get outside and back to nature, as they say that is always good. It was. Not too far from me is a natural bridge, which is also not too far from the […]


Lazy Weekend Two

by carbonboy on September 8, 2013

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Fans (overwhelmingly female) in awe at their Korean film stars at Pusan International Film Festival in 2006 Another wasted weekend with the high point watching the Packers lose (in a really good game) to San Francisco. I am missing my time spent in that great city for sure. As I said before, I am having some […]


Dreaming Forward

by carbonboy on September 2, 2013

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Gaeta, Italy 2008 – I took too much for granted while in Italy for nine months! It was another lazy weekend that slipped by too fast. I think that I accomplished ten percent of what I had intended, as the heat and humidity did not let up. No matter, as it was all stuff that […]