April 2014

Post image for No I haven’t died – just living in a Red State Entering a Red Zone!

Great to be in a Red State and in Red Zone all at the same time! All part of the long road back to California! As recourse, I had a great Mexican meal tonight with a jumbo margarita! Back to normal soon – unless I end up in the Land of Oz!


The Birds!

by carbonboy on April 6, 2014

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This lot must have mistaken my camera for a shotgun – clearly more intimidated by my presence, although out-numbering me 10,000 to 1! Now – who put the danm cell tower in the middle of nowhere ruining the shot? Hitchcock’s iconic 1963 thriller scared the crap out of me when I first saw it, not […]


Post image for Arrived Safely at an Undisclosed Location in the Middle of Nowhere

It wasn’t easy – two days of driving eleven hours after moving out of two places into one, only to move into a fourth! Well that’s what one gets when one shuns the life of normality. I expect I will sleep well tonight. Good night!