November 2014

A Peaceful and Productive Week in Piney Point

by carbonboy on November 29, 2014

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A sunset never gets old from ones own beach! It’s hard to believe that I haven’t been home since June – not particularly a good way to live, but it is by my choosing. Given my client needs help for a few more months, and I am pleased to take his money, the arrangement compensates […]


What to do on a Cold Winter Day?

by carbonboy on November 16, 2014

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1. Acknowledge it is cold. 2. Warm it up. 3. Take advantage of the heat. 4, Do a double take. 5. Enjoy the end result with a bottle of wine and a Packer Game.


It Has Arrived

by carbonboy on November 10, 2014

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I can’t believe it – it has arrived. I’m thinking over the decades all the times that I have heard: “Oh, I like the change of the seasons.” I slap you all on the face. This sucks!  


The Big Chill Cometh

by carbonboy on November 9, 2014

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Here we are – the last day of autumn. I’m dreading winter, but I have the option to escape it. I’ll give it a shot. I’m switching from the summer car to the winter car over Thanksgiving. But really if it gets too rough I’m leaving! Cancun, Jamaica, Ibiza – all just a few hops […]


Harvest Time for King Corn

by carbonboy on November 2, 2014

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The power of corn is incomprehensible. It’s everywhere in the Midwest. Little of it feeds people. Mostly it is stuffed down cattle and processed into gasoline. The new calves, with their moms, are now allowed in the corn fields to gouge on the leftovers. Their papas, well they have been “processed”. Driving by a cattle […]