January 2015

Post image for So Here’s the Thing about Beans – They are still one Hell of a Nutrient

Start with Hambeens 15 Beans Soup Mix – Soak in water Overnight in the Refrigerator Just don’t eat them in a restaurant or buy them in sodium-laden cans. Plain old dried beans with no crap added are best. I have loved this bag of 15 bean soup mix for decades – I just throw out the […]


Post image for To All My 400 Friends at Bombardier Santiago de Querétaro Who Lost Their Jobs

  I am so saddened. I wish you all the best and will remember you forever!


Old Cars

by carbonboy on January 18, 2015

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Sad to see the Packers blow it. Ah, it’s only pro sports. Life goes on. Here’s a test video of static shots of old cars. Oh well, I can’t seem to post videos here like Facebook so here’s the last few shots of the last scene: Fade to black! Clearly I am having fun with […]


Dreaming of the Warm and the Exotic

by carbonboy on January 11, 2015

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So where was I when I took this photo; Japan, Korea, Italy, the Netherlands? I don’t recall, but my camera does! We had a weekend of relief here in the Great Plains of the US, with more bitter cold on the horizon. I completed the longest and most difficult week working with my client; success […]


Post image for What is Insanity? Spending a winter in the Great Plains of the US

Mushrooms, Red Onions, Green,Yellow and Red Peppers Sautéed in Grape Seed Oil The Great Plains are being battered by the first blast of arctic air of the New Year. Do I care – not a bit, as I am ready. I’ve got ample provisions and planned contingencies. Kalamata Olives and Quartered Artichoke Hearts After my tour […]


Welcome to the Feedlot

by carbonboy on January 2, 2015

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No toilet paper allowed here! So about all of these cattle, after seeing me ran to me – as if to say – get me out of this hell. One ran to me exceedingly fast. She’s remembered here forever. Cows in a pasture never do that! Do cows have feelings? Unrelated of course: One of […]


Post image for On the Road to the Middle of Nowhere – New Year’s Day 2015

Well St. Louis was a gas in spite of the frigid temperatures. I just passed through Kansas City and gassed up before crossing the Missouri River – but forget to take a pee. Somewhere on Highway 2, I had no choice to remedy that error. I grabbed my camera before the chill set in. I’m […]