June 2015

Red Weather

by carbonboy on June 21, 2015

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One Nasty Storm Cell in the Direct Path of Piney Point One of the most helpful apps that I have on my iPhone/iPad is the NOAA Hi-Def Radar App. It uses Google Maps and allows for any number of overlays with the (most important) base radar as the default. While working in the Midwest I […]


Foot Selfie – Oops!

by carbonboy on June 15, 2015

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Second Day on the Kayaks in Piney Point Well, I guess I am not too good at selfies, but this is a good foot shot – photo-bombed by Raul, C-B-D’s first employee, and someday to become a millionaire (and he has no clue). Life will be better when the kayak camera mount arrives, and we […]


Home in Piney Point

by carbonboy on June 11, 2015

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Nice to see that the lighthouse and residence got a new coat of paint! I’m participating in a rare event – an entire summer at home! The tasks seem endless – transitioning from consulting to product design – crazy product design. But with time to work out, cook like a madman and kayak at whim […]


Heading Home for the Summer

by carbonboy on June 1, 2015

I finally tried Runza – a favorite of the locals – same old life shortening crap as Micky-Ds. Why people eat this crap?  I am leaving the Midwest and taking the summer off to spend at home. Woo-hoo! Well not exactly “off” as I will work from the house two days a week to keep […]