August 2015


by carbonboy on August 23, 2015

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No cooking for you today – Ahi Tuna Salad and Humus Rolls with a Blueberry Wheat Beer The morbid humidly of the mid-Atlantic is finally dissipating to a degree where I can open the front and back door and allow a cool breeze to flow through the house to shut off the damn air conditioning […]


St. George Island and the PGA’s Whistling Straits

by carbonboy on August 15, 2015

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Yup – too much belly, even for a old fart – but it is going down – 25 miles a few times a week will do it! Boy, I needed a day off. In spite of past gloating, working from home can suck the life from you in ways that are unfathomable from working at […]


My Windows 10 Upgrade Disaster

by carbonboy on August 9, 2015

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Here’s what my previous post first looked like in WordPress using Microsoft’s new browser Edge  The Windows 10 Help Forums from around the world are slowing being inundated with cries for help and fixes after upgrading to a generally well received new version – ultra slow booting and overall slow performance – defective patches – web pages […]


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M&Ms While Working a 12-Hour Nightshift at Bombardier in Santiago de Querétaro I’m working from my home this summer, and I must say it would be difficult to return to a “regular” job. Most people, of course, don’t have that option, and it is certainly not for everyone. My situation may well be short-lived, but I sure […]