October 2015

You are Being Watched

by carbonboy on October 31, 2015

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Likely I am as well, but I do my best to protect myself. I use Ghostery which kills tracking cookies in real-time on all browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera) other than Explorer 11 (last I checked it doesn’t work on it or Edge). Hitman Pro takes care of the Microsoft browsers each time I […]


Autumn in Appalachia

by carbonboy on October 22, 2015

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So I made this return trip for decades, generally from Wisconsin when visiting my mom and family. But of late the drive was from deeper in the Midwest. Day 1 to Indianapolis; Day 2 home. But driving 11.5 and then 10.5 hours takes its toll. I always take a break at a beautiful rest stop […]


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Boy I miss my pickup truck, and I never had this problem of collecting too much stuff when working overseas. I come to a client’s site with whatever I can carry – via airplane or auto. I expect to stay a few months, but I stay a year. Oddly I have more stuff than when […]


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So this is a Kobe beef burger that can’t be called a Kobe beef burger because Kobe beef is from Japan. But the local cows that contributed to this burger are all Kobe cows, or more precisely, their great, great, great, grandparents were Kobe cows. My one mistake – I should have ordered it rare […]


Back in the Center of Meat Universe

by carbonboy on October 10, 2015

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Still two hours of driving and I can’t wait for the sun to sink away into darkness! It’s amazing when heading west on I-80 – it always seems to be overcast all day, and finally when the eleven hour drive is coming to a close, the sun comes out in full force – and one’s […]


Spared Again

by carbonboy on October 3, 2015

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My home in Potomac Beach experienced the highest tide since Hurricane Isabel. Oddly as we were preparing for a historic rain event, all we got (so far) is really high tides and nasty winds. It may not rain at all. Meanwhile the Carolinas have not done as well – with an onshore system sucking moisture […]