January 2016

Winter Storm Jonas – Meh

by carbonboy on January 24, 2016

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I think that it is stupid to give winter storms a name, and likely a creation of the media to somehow cash in. Here in Piney Point the warm waters of the Chesapeake made this no major event – a foot of heavy snow. The biggest inconvenience was the crappy job the guy we pay […]


It’s Coming!

by carbonboy on January 22, 2016

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I gassed up both cars, stocked up on hardly provisions, and stoked up my emergency generator for the first time in five years. It took a little effort to find my one and only snow shovel. I am looking forward to cozy weekend inside, although I am sure to venture out on foot for some […]


Post image for Winter Finally Arrives in Piney Point – Thanks El Niño!

A Raging Wind on the Potomac River just a Few Days Ago! I have been on the road since before Thanksgiving in the US and Mexico. It feels good to be home – until today, with the latest arrival of snow for the season that I can recall – thanks El Niño! Piney Point Lighthouse Survives […]