June 2016

An Uneventful Day

by carbonboy on June 24, 2016

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Oh, except two trillion dollars vaporized from folks investments because of Xenophobic old white Brits – but that’s OK because Donny Trump and Ronny Paul say it’s a good thing. People died and lost their homes in West Virginia from flooding, and people died and lost their homes in California from wild fires. But climate […]


Missed It!

by carbonboy on June 23, 2016

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This working from 7 to 7, seven days a week, so I never have to fucking work for a paycheck again kind of sucks, but as it is not like really working, and I can do what I want when I want makes it kind of not suck. But it pisses me off when it […]


Got Solar?

by carbonboy on June 23, 2016

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Yup – well just as soon as the county inspector says I can pull the switch. A $400 electric bill last winter (in an all-electric house) prompted me to do a little investigating – plus one of my neighbors has a similar setup with positive reviews. The fact that I own Solar City stock (bought […]


Going Mirrorless

by carbonboy on June 19, 2016

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In spite of Sony’s obsession with cheap plastic camera bodies, I am going mirrorless with them. My recent buys of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV and the larger DSC-RX10 III Cyber-shot Digital Camera make my Nikon big guns obsolete. I am selling the Nikons just as soon as they are no longer needed as props […]


The Primal Jump

by carbonboy on June 5, 2016

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My screen door was a little slow to close, and all that was required to fix it was adjusting the piston on the bottom – a task that was on my “to do” list and would have taken a screwdriver and all of a minute “to do.” But like so many other little things, I […]