July 2016

Machining MIC-6 Aluminum on the X-Carve – Fail

by carbonboy on July 31, 2016

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I had hope for a cheap method to machine the matched die molds we need to process the braided triangular carbon fiber tubing for our Series 1 Chair prototype legs and support frame. All went well for the first hour, as we were taking every precaution by running super slow. Since the X-Carve has no […]


Dress Rehearsal

by carbonboy on July 24, 2016

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Perhaps it is a minor obsession of mine, but I love triangles – at least in structural elements. Take the cross section of a square, a circle and a triangle and guess what: the triangle is leaner. Back in the day when I was task to design a carbon fiber equipment rack for a spy […]


Poor Man’s Tooling

by carbonboy on July 22, 2016

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If you are going to process a carbon fiber part, the optimum approach is to have a mold machined from a very expensive Invar, a metal alloy that has a similar coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of carbon fiber – that is to say that they expand at the same rate when heated. Steel is […]


The Poor Man’s Autoclave

by carbonboy on July 20, 2016

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The first product we will be introducing to the world is something that 99.99% of the population has no need for: a carbon fiber bracket that securely holds two cameras on one tripod (with an option for a third device). It’s pretty dumb to create a product that no one wants – right? Well yes […]


Our Very Own 3D Printer

by carbonboy on July 18, 2016

The BCN3D Sigma Duel Filament 3D Printer from Barcelona We have partnered with the innovative company Xometry to 3D Print our prototypes and master patterns, and even machine some of our layup molds. They developed an online system where one just uploads a 3D model file and it gives you instant pricing for any 3D […]


Enter the X-Carve

by carbonboy on July 17, 2016

The X-Carve Assembled and Working after a Two-Week Learning Curve A few months ago we purchased a 2D CNC Die Cutter called the Silver Bullet. Our intended use was to cut out the precise shapes of the wood veneers that are inlaid into the carbon fiber laminate of our furniture. The Silver Bullet is about […]


No Cable for Me = Marco Polo Season 2

by carbonboy on July 13, 2016

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Given I am still working 7 to 7, 7 days a week, and am thoroughly disgusted the pathetic vitriol as seen on nightly cable news, I turned it off, and, now I am binge watching (in moderation, one episode a night) Marco Polo Season 2 on Netflix. Sure it is dramatized, westernized, fictionalized and sexualized […]


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It seems if you want the pros to put together a website for you it costs $5,000 minimum, and then they do it in such a way that they are the only ones that can do future edits/updates. Key word these days is “responsive” which only means that the site will look fairly good not […]