August 2016

Ventura Harbor Revisited

by carbonboy on August 29, 2016

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In the early 1980’s I had lost my top secret job in aerospace and was rescued by my high school buddy Donny Laing. He brought me up from LA to San Luis Obispo and we had quite an adventure. He died in an auto accident in 1984; my dear friend Naomi informed me of the […]


Pacific Coast Highway Revisited

by carbonboy on August 22, 2016

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So rule Number 2 (Number 1 being live close to the client in a comfortable dwelling) is to create an adventure one day every week. I had forgotten how long it takes to get from the Inland Empire to Pacific Coast Highway via I-10. In fact, there are so many freeways intersecting I-10, I accidently […]


Flying Sports Car

by carbonboy on August 18, 2016

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Here’s the sweet little flying sport car that I will qualify the wing and fuselage CFRP structure to the FAA. I’d forgo my salary if they just gave me one! Wonderful to be working on a small aircraft with a small team!


Take me Anywhere!

by carbonboy on August 16, 2016

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This fully fueled G4 with engines running was headed to Madrid with one stop. Take me I thought, as I continued to my desk! Oh well! Meanwhile, welcome back to California – I-15 Cajon Pass view from my worksite. Glad I made it through last weekend: Authorities in southern California ordered the evacuation of 82,000 […]


Sweet Home California

by carbonboy on August 15, 2016

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At this point in my life I have decided two things when taking on new clients: I’m going to keep the commute to a minimum, and I am going to live in relative comfort while coaxing them on to the path of success (and that always involves pissing them off to a point where they […]


Post image for California Dreamin’ – Day 4 – Gallup, New Mexico to Somewhere Vaguely Near Los Angeles

I left Gallup, New Mexico after a great night’s sleep full well knowing I have one more day’s drive. On I-40, Arizona is far more scenic than New Mexico, especially as one climbs to Flagstaff. My younger self would have taken many detours and stops just to capture the beauty. My older self just wanted […]


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Aside from being tornado alley, I-40 through Oklahoma is a long string of cheesy casinos, truck stops and an endless array of the same tired old fast food joints. When on the road for business, I’ll pick up a 12” Subway for the day and avoid all the other crap altogether. The Texas Panhandle is […]


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It would have been nice to catch the Memphis vibe, as that is a city I have never explored. But each day requires 10 hours on the road, so I had no such luxury. After crossing the Mississippi into Eastern Arkansas one comes upon the worst stretch of interstate highway that I ever encountered. Note […]


Post image for California Dreamin’ – Day 1 – Piney Point to Nashville

Odd, as just a few months ago I hauled all the household stuff sitting in storage in California back to Piney Point. Now I am moving it back. I got a late start on Wednesday (as always) and didn’t arrive in Nashville until after midnight. No time to be a tourist! Next stop – Oklahoma […]