September 2016

The Santa Anna Winds

by carbonboy on September 26, 2016

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The Santa Anna winds are back – brewing up brown clouds from the yet-to-be-developed over-priced suburban wastelands; 100 F today but no word of fires – yet, thank god. After sunset, the warm dry winds are so therapeutic – sitting outside in the backyard watching, and again amazed, by the never ending flight paths of […]


Three Exotics

by carbonboy on September 24, 2016

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I don’t have a grasp of the world of small airplanes, as I spent most of my time working on really big ones. But given there are thousands of small airports scattered all over the globe, there’s a lot of folks that fly them. The hanger next to my client has a few jets and […]


My Home-Away-from-Home Home Gym

by carbonboy on September 18, 2016

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I’ll admit it – I am an aging baby boomer in total denial. As long as Paul McCartney remains alive and in relatively good health I am fine, as he’s about a decade older than me! Yet there are two elements necessary to remain in my state of denial: daily diet and exercise. My treadmill, […]


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I got this massive 4 bedroom house rental in California simply because it’s three minutes away from my client’s site at the Chino Airport, and it was only a few hundred dollars more than the damn “luxury” apartments nearby (which are plagued by break-ins and affluent drug users). Needless to say, it’s pretty empty, but […]