November 2017

Three Layers of Comfort!

by carbonboy on November 25, 2017

Given I program the thermostat to set at 65 F at night, I added an old cotton blanket to sandwich between my 1000-count cotton sheets and a really old goose down comforter. What a surprising difference! Who would of thunk? My dreams are so much more vivid! Still sunny and high-fifties here in Piney Point […]


The Magic of Mushrooms

by carbonboy on November 19, 2017

I have been back in Piney Point two months and two days since leaving California. I returned at the absolute best time of the year – but now winter is coming. Winter sucks! I may move to Florida to ride it out. More on that later. For the time, I decided to cut myself from […]


Healthy Quasi-Asian Food

by carbonboy on November 17, 2017

So, I googled “Is Chinese food healthy” and basically the overwhelming hits were (for American Chinese) “no fucking way.” The crappy oil and high sodium content topped the list, with calories exceeding the worst junk food coming in third. But what if one used a healthy oil, Jasmine brown rice and organic chicken breast? Throw […]


Morning Start

by carbonboy on November 16, 2017

Being home “free to do what I want, anytime I want” (thanks Tom Petty) would seem to conflict with the routine of a daily habit. But habits and discipline are essential elements of maintaining that freedom. So . . . My mornings start with a mug of strong black coffee, 15 grams of dark chocolate […]


Decluttering My Life as an Aerospace Contractor

by carbonboy on November 11, 2017

I generally leave with 1 suitcase; come back a year later with 2! A nice mix of Nautica, Chaps, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein off to Good Will for a 2017 tax write-off. Shoes and pants next!  


  Tomorrow the Weight Bench! My attitude seems adjusted already, with a plan to clean the house!


High-intensity interval training (HIIT) improved age-related decline in muscle mitochondria. 4 minutes on a stationary bike – 3 minutes off – 4 repetitions – 3 times a week! I can do that AND throw in some weight training on the off days! Here’s a link to the article:


The Return of Winter

by carbonboy on November 10, 2017

  Oh, this is going to be tough – substituting a mild Southern California winter for a moderate one in Southern Maryland. I am not ready, but thankfully 10 days of mid-fifties sunny days lie ahead after this first winter blast from the artic. I so miss California!


Fried Health Food?

by carbonboy on November 2, 2017

OK, I am back at home in Maryland, and ironically, it has never really been home, as I rarely live here. But it is the only home I have. I succumbed to the local seafood method of preparation: frying. For the record I did not deep-fry and used a good quality olive oil AND had […]