about carbonboy

by carbonboy on March 13, 2011

Bridging the gap between art & technology with carbon fiber!

Michael Milauskas

The first ecdysis of carbonboy began in about 1993 after leaving Los Angeles, his center of the universe, to spend a year in Northern California with the team developing a flying car that failed to fly. Stock options worthless, and at a crossroads, he thrust himself into the role of reluctant entrepreneur.

For the new enterprise, Flightline Composite Structures, all hope prevailed in its success, but from the start a dark star hovered over the venture. It failed like a rogue soviet satellite, crashing to earth, its final impact and degree of damage to be determined only days before its death.

This hardened and grew carbonboy, so to shed his skin again.

Life began anew in Monterey, California, a blue and green oasis of life & love. Humbled, carbonboy began again working for a start-up which reinvigorated him, until the non-compete agreement was put forth, which was never signed.

From that point, freelancing seemed the only option for survival, and billable hours seemed so seductive. So he joined the Boeing Borg.

Meanwhile, this urging, this obsession for the meaningful had grown & flourished. There was no meaning to be found in billable hours. Thus Composites-By-Design was hatched near a desert gulch in Arizona. The venture showed early potential. Yet merely human at this phase, carbonboy must eat, pay the mortgage and buy his creative tools. C-B-D was placed safely in incubation, alive, healthy, but always yearning to be set free and grow.

To make it so, carbonboy begins a nomad life & journey leading to Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Connecticut, West Virginia, Florida, Vermont and finally Washington. For stability, a permanent homestead was established at another oasis, Piney Point, Maryland, where the mighty Potomac meets the Chesapeake.

In 2oo6, the power of the Boeing Borg again pulled carbonboy into its realm. He uses his intrinsic knowledge & vast experience, traveling perpetually for three long hard years around the globe to build the Dreamliner. Nagoya, Busan, Namhae, Napoli, Caserta and Rotterdam –  these homes, and the many days of suffering & joy will never be forgotten. Friends & lovers around the globe will be, must be, revisited.

When the dream of the Dreamliner fails (for a time) on its own momentum, carbonboy is released from the Borg, with a full year off to recover and explore. So life begins again, with a soft new skin. This time seemed real – this summer of 2009!

Yet, again, it was not to be.

So with the fall of 2013 now at hand the journey continues – Philadelphia, Tampa, El Dorado Hill, California, Querétaro, México and now Blacksburg, Virginia. Southern California will likely again be the center of the universe for carbonboy in 2014. Yet Barcelona and Seoul have their calling.

This site exists for all to follow the next ecdysis of carbonboy. It takes, sometimes, a lifetime to fulfill a destiny.

A Brief History of the Persona

Search Google, Bing or Yahoo for “carbonboy” and you get to this site right on the top of the search results. Big deal.

Carbonboy is not the original persona on the web named as such. But he seems to be out-living those that came before him.

  • There is a notorious hacker that goes by carbonboy, but his web pages seem to be untouched since 1998. Where is he now? Can’t find a clue, and relieved he’s disappeared, as he’d likely hack into my site!
  • There is a former financial planner that posted on the Usenet in the 1990’s. He’s all but disappeared, well before the financial meltdown of 2009. Where is he now? Gone, gone, gone – not a trace in cyberspace!
  • There is an electronic musician that took the persona of Carbon Boy back in 2001-2002. Where is here now? Just found him tonight on Wikipedia. His name is Andrew Ostler, goes by Os and is “half of” Darkroom. It’s safe to say he’s got much more talent than carbonboy, thus happy he has left is Carbon Boy persona in the past. Cool music none-the-less.
  • There looks to be a carbonboy that made carbon bike frames, whereabouts in Spain or South America. Good for him. He has all but disappeared, except on a few message boards linked to this site. I don’t think he is saying nice things!
  • Then, there’s a few carbonboy wannabes, beating carbonboy to the name at Gmail and Twitter.  Such is life, so thus you reach him at karbonboy@gmail.com or @karbonboy on Twitter.

So it looks like carbonboy is free to launch the brand, as the competition only remains in the remnants of cyberspace. That’s good, but he hopes it not to be an omen of things to come.