An Autumn Night on Potomac Beach

by carbonboy on November 2, 2013

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View of our community from my favorite spot out on the pier!

I drove home to Piney Point from Blacksburg on Friday to pick up my newly restored 325xi, and I must stay it looks like a new vehicle (from a fair distance anyway). It still needs to go to the shop for routine maintenance, and then it will be all set as winter transportation up in the mountains when the snow and ice come.

My little Ford Focus would not do so well, as it comes with summer “performance” tires. But clearly it is the better commuter vehicle with 38 mpg on regular gas. So likely I will make the switch in December.

Potomac Beach 01S

The varied tides leave their mark on our pebbled beach!

It proved to be another perfect autumn weekend as I took a drive out to Lookout Point on Saturday afternoon. That night I grilled a great steak (something I rarely do) and sat for a while on the pier just after sunset. The winds kicked up and the temperature dropped a bit, but it was still comfortable to sit and gaze out at the stars for a time. I love it here on the mighty Potomac this time of year!

Sunday about noon I will head back to Blacksburg. Although the drive is getting old, Virginia colors are at their peak, and I hope stop along the way to capture some of that. I downloaded a remarkable book titled Creative 52. It tasks the reader to take one photograph per week for a year, each based on a different theme. As I am really growing tired of my mediocre photo skills, I am up for the challenge. I will post my first project Sunday night: Create an image based on a single color.

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