Bye Bye Moo Cows

by carbonboy on March 20, 2017

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For decades, the area surrounding the Chino Airport had a bigger population of dairy cattle than people. These were not your idyllic dairy farms that I recall in Wisconsin, with rolling green pastures, sparsely populated with contented roaming Guernseys.

Here in Chino, they are more like feedlots from hell. If you are a cow destined to be a burger, your life in a feedlot is limited until you get fat and take the final journey to the slaughterhouse. If your cow mission is to produce milk, you are perpetually artificially inseminated and live in your own shit until you are repurposed decades later (Elmer’s Glue). 

So now this former farm right next to the Chino Airport is being leveled for either big box houses of big box warehouses.

The farmers made tens of millions for selling out, and the developers will make hundreds of millions for adding to the suburban sprawl.

I am just part of a small team designing a small airplane here at the Chino Airport, so I can’t care.

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