From the Ozarks to Appalachia – Crossing the Mississippi to Memphis

Well, my observation of a year ago still applies – Arkansas has the worst roads in the country, and if one thinks humidity is humidity, regardless of where it is, one is wrong – it’s worse in Arkansas. Nothing against the good folks living there, but this is the quintessential flyover state!
It’s day-three of the drive, making it the worst day of the trip. Tomorrow ends in my jacuzzi tub with red wine, and perfect sleep in my own bed.
I never want to set foot into an interstate truck stop again, and I’d much rather pee behind a tree than walk into another filthy restroom. In fact, peeing outside is renewing!
With America in a downward spiral of disarray, there is one thing remaining common from coast-to-coast – the junk food, and all of idiot America that eats it!
The health care crisis could be solved if all Americans stopped eating themselves to death – and all indications are they won’t. I already miss my vegetable garden!
If I sound negative, I am – a road trip these days is more pathetic than air travel. The fucking trucks on the road out-number the cars by 3 to 1 – all to support all the shit we buy and don’t need.
I’m in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, at a Hilton Garden Inn, because there is some unknown Nashville weekend event that prompted all the hotel rates to go 3X. Hopefully I sleep well.