Potomac Beach Memorial Day Weekend 2011

by carbonboy on May 28, 2011

Thunderstorms were in sight over the Potomac, and it was hotter than one would hope – until we approached the beach. A stiff cool breeze made it about perfect. No wonder former presidents made Piney Point their summer get-away before air-conditioning was invented!

Potomac Beach 05-28-11 00

I’ve lived here almost ten years, but have been traveling perpetually around the world over that time. These holiday events gives me the opportunity to get to know my neighbors, old and new alike.

Potomac Beach 05-28-11 01

The theme was tacos and everyone (but me) brought a variation of some sort of salsa. All versions were quite inventive, for a bunch of folks that live on the East Coast anyway. Really, everything was quite good!

Potomac Beach 05-28-11 02

Aside from the cool breeze coming off of the Potomac was this rainbow which actually became a double rainbow at times. Did I mention that the food was great, especially the slow-cooked chicken, pork and beef with all the fixins’  for a great burrito!

What would the start of summer be without all the children. This is, after all, the start of their freedom for the next three months. Piney Point has got to be an adventure they will remember always.

Potomac Beach 05-28-11 04

Once the sun went down, the stiff breeze calmed and the mosquitoes appeared – they got me five times on the first day of the season.

Potomac Beach 05-28-11 05

So to remedy those nasty bugs, all one as to do is move closer to the water and start a bonfire. The perfect end to a great holiday weekend. Wait – it’s only Saturday, so there’s plenty time to relax over the next two days.

My thanks to all in the community who took all the time and trouble to make this a great event! Soon I’ll be off again soon, bouncing about the globe, but I will always will enjoy the start and end of summer here in Piney Point.