Sunday Brunch at the Ruddy Duck

by carbonboy on December 17, 2017

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Winters in Piney Point can become rather dull, especially when one is on a budget, as I now am. Trips to DC or Annapolis are rare, and the waters of the Potomac are a bit chilly for any summer activities.

Piney Point has a mini-mart and a historic bar/pizza joint, the OCI Pub, which once was a hotel with a colorful past. Today, the crowd it attracts is, well, nobody I’d care to have a beer with.

Starters – Grilled Peppers, Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella, Beet and Couscous Salad with Deviled Eggs

The historic Oakwood Lodge was a hop away from my house, but was destroyed when Hurricane Isabel hit. Too damaged to repair, it was replaced with million-dollar waterfront condos. It was handy, but the food a bit too deep-fried local.

Essentials – A Grey Goose Bloody Mary (well two)

A bit to the South of Piney Point, one crosses a well maintained nautical passage to St. George Island. Aside from two churches, one very old graveyard and the Happyland Campground, there are only residences.

Local Fruit – Three Fresh Oyster Varieties Shucked by the Guy that Harvested Them 

The Rudy Duck sits on the site on the island where Evans Restaurant used to be. For decades it was a family hang-out with the same fried seafood platters loved dearly by the locals. It burned down in a spectacular fire and the lot sat vacant for some time.

The Main Event – Fresh Lump Crab Tacos with Roasted Chicken, Sweet Sausage, Savory Bacon & More 

Chuck Kimble, a local developer that build my house, brought the property and built the current restaurant with a small hotel with great hope to revitalize the area. It opened as Evans again but both the restaurant and hotel when bankrupt within a year.

Finish – Fresh Fruit and Pastry, Hot Black Coffee and a Bit of Bacon for Balance

Folks from Solomon’s Island, a far more robust tourist area, took over the property some years back and opened it as their sister site. The food is far more progressive, and they seem to be doing OK.

Sunday brunch is a really treat. They also have morning yoga, entertainment weekly, and nice varieties of seasonal craft beers. I wish them well! We need them here!

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