Black Ice in Blacksburg

by carbonboy on December 8, 2013

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With a quarter inch of ice on the windshield, both me and my AWD XI know our limits and when to stay off the roads! I have survived five hurricanes, three earthquakes, volcanic ash covering Europe and countless snow blizzards, and I know all can be deadly. It is best to avoid them, as I […]


A Taste of India in Blacksburg

by carbonboy on October 27, 2013

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I can’t imagine having a fine meal without an equally fine wine – moderation is best – meaning two glasses are perfect! We got our first dusting of snow here in Blacksburg, and I must say my first impulse was to pack things up and move back to Southern California. Yet this assignment is so […]


Dreaming Forward

by carbonboy on September 2, 2013

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Gaeta, Italy 2008 – I took too much for granted while in Italy for nine months! It was another lazy weekend that slipped by too fast. I think that I accomplished ten percent of what I had intended, as the heat and humidity did not let up. No matter, as it was all stuff that […]


Steppin’ Out – a Redneck Disappointment

by carbonboy on August 4, 2013

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This girl was hot with her mini-hula-hoop – just look at the guy drooling over her! Steppin’ Out is the last big summer event for the locals before the hoards of students return in three weeks. For me it was a disappointment. Too much redneck music, too many gun nuts and no beer! I am […]


Different Worlds

by carbonboy on July 18, 2013

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Indian Creek Bridge I moved into my modern apartment here in Blacksburg over the weekend, but support a client over in West Virginia, and I must say there is a world of difference, but a few miles apart. Get up in the hills and the norm for the guys is beards, baseball caps and a worn […]


Summer Solstice – Blacksburg Virginia

by carbonboy on June 21, 2013

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The new Elvis in Blacksburg? Maybe! Amazing video coming! There are pockets of hopeful rationalism in the deep south. Blacksburg is one of them (a smaller version of Austin, Texas). All one needs is intelligence and tolerance. Even though Blacksburg seems a bit devoid of actual blacks, it is still a pocket of hope for the south. […]