Back in the Center of Meat Universe

by carbonboy on October 10, 2015

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Still two hours of driving and I can’t wait for the sun to sink away into darkness! It’s amazing when heading west on I-80 – it always seems to be overcast all day, and finally when the eleven hour drive is coming to a close, the sun comes out in full force – and one’s […]


I have an Addiction – Veggies

by carbonboy on July 25, 2015

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Ready Raw for a Salad, Steamed, Grilled or Broiled! With nothing but weekly mass murders (and Trump) in the news, I gave up watching it. I am much better now! The problem is what’s killing Americans in far greater numbers is the crap they eat. Amazing that there is such a simple fix!


Welcome to the Feedlot

by carbonboy on January 2, 2015

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No toilet paper allowed here! So about all of these cattle, after seeing me ran to me – as if to say – get me out of this hell. One ran to me exceedingly fast. She’s remembered here forever. Cows in a pasture never do that! Do cows have feelings? Unrelated of course: One of […]


Surf & Turf to Overcome a SAD Day

by carbonboy on December 14, 2014

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So glad eating meat is “in” again, and for the Alaskan King Crab Season  A long hard week is over and one more remains. I just got through the 2nd Season Finale of the Sopranos and it ended on an upbeat happy note with bitter overtones of darkness to come (yes, I am that far […]


Hey World. This is Real Food. Eat it!

by carbonboy on July 29, 2014

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Start with one day a week and give up the crap you assume is food and eat real food. Work up to seven days a week!


Comfort Food on a Dreary Day

by carbonboy on April 16, 2011

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Grilled salami, provolone, sweet onion and ripe tomato on a whole wheat baguette About mid-morning yesterday I received word that my client’s massive facility would have an extended power outage over the weekend to upgrade equipment. Woo hoo! I was planning to show up for at least a half day over the weekend, but immediately altered those […]