Rocky Mountains

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So we met at Sprague Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park!  He wants me to bring pizza next time! Well, as I am one not to break the rules, he best stick to a natural diet!


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Get yourself in shape beforehand, by hiking routinely at 1,000 feet Bring a hat and sunscreen, or suffer the worst sunburn in a decade Bring someone you love, or substitute a good camera so that you can convince someone that you love to visit in the future  


Hanging Out on the 4th at 14,265 Feet

by carbonboy on July 4, 2014

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Top of the World on the 4th of July – View of the Continental Divide from Mount Evans  So for the first 14000, I was able to drive. To get to Mount Evans one takes the highest paved road in the USA. I drove, but many got here on their bikes! Perfect day! Much more […]