The Magic of Mushrooms

by carbonboy on November 19, 2017

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I have been back in Piney Point two months and two days since leaving California. I returned at the absolute best time of the year – but now winter is coming.

Winter sucks! I may move to Florida to ride it out. More on that later.

For the time, I decided to cut myself from cable TV. Bottom line: I don’t miss it at all.

To be fair I have Netflix and Amazon Prime. I favor Netflix with all the BBC content, over Amazon Prime. The Magic of Mushrooms documentary awed me!

Today was a gloriously sunny, breezy day in Piney Point. I opted to get the axe out and chop up some downed branches in the back, and haul them to the fire pit on the beach.

I spent a little time looking at nature at a macro level in the forbidden forest that borders my house. It was amazing!


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