by carbonboy on December 22, 2017

1000mm X-Carve for Sale with Stand in Southern Maryland – $1,000. Pickup Only.

Fully assembled and working perfectly. Ultra quiet Fein vacuum system and touch screen Dell computer optional for purchase and negotiable (setup with Fusion/ChilePeppr).
•Purchased in June 2016
•Used for a handful of projects only
•See first photo for parts list
•I’m downsizing my life and no longer have room for it
•Added clear Plexiglas dust guard and carbon fiber sandwich structure to stiffen rail (with good results)

YouTube Video Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0-w9gXEJtw

Location: Piney Point, Maryland – approximately 100 miles from Baltimore; 75 miles from Washington DC and 115 miles from Richmond, VA